First of all we need wiringPi:

git clone git:// -> if its down you can use a fork
git clone

cd wiringPi
./build uninstall
- Test gpio
gpio -v
gpio readall


Then the raspberry remote:

git clone --recursive
cd 433Utils/RPi_utils
make all

You can see in send.cpp the line
int PIN = 0;

So you have to connect DATA from the transmitter to your Raspberry wPi 0 (GPIO 17).

GRND from the transmitter to any Raspberry GND

VCC from the transmitter to 5V to the Raspberry.

433 Mhz Power Socket

The first five Numbers represent the channel.
The last five Numbers are the socket numbers.

Now you can use for our Power Socket:

./send 11111 4 1
to turn it on

./send 11111 4 0
to turn it off



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