Hi Guys, it took me about eight hours to implement playing Maschine MK3 in Cubase 10. To get it much faster for you. This is howto 🙂 Load VST Instrument Maschine. Look for Input Routing set to for example 01. Maschine 2 – Midi Out. Then load a kit. Click on the very little Routing knob and set it to:  – GROUP -> Input -> KeyMode=Manual, Source=None, Channel 1, Route Note C3, MidiThu=Off First select all Sounds. Click on SOUND -> Input Midi and set to:  – Midi=None, Channel=All, Thru=off Click on SOUND ->Output Midi and set it to:  – Dest=>Host, Midi Channel 1 And at  the end rigth click on the Group (in my case A1 Argon Kit) and set it to:  – Group Midi Batch Setup=Sounds to Midi Notes And now your are able to play your Sounds with Maschine MK3 direct in Cubase. Mail me for further questions. Best regards Oli

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