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Cubase 10 Maschine Mk3 integration

Hi Guys, it took me about eight hours to implement playing Maschine MK3 in Cubase 10.

To get it much faster for you. This is howto 🙂

Load VST Instrument Maschine.

Look for Input Routing set to for example 01. Maschine 2 – Midi Out.

Then load a kit.

Click on the very little Routing knob and set it to:
 – GROUP -> Input -> KeyMode=Manual, Source=None, Channel 1, Route Note C3, MidiThu=Off

First select all Sounds.

Click on SOUND -> Input Midi and set to:
 – Midi=None, Channel=All, Thru=off

Click on SOUND ->Output Midi and set it to:
 – Dest=>Host, Midi Channel 1

And at  the end rigth click on the Group (in my case A1 Argon Kit) and set it to:
 – Group Midi Batch Setup=Sounds to Midi Notes

And now your are able to play your Sounds with Maschine MK3 direct in Cubase.

Mail me for further questions.

Best regards


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